Faworki (Angel Wings)

‘Faworki’ /favorki/ are sweet crisp pastries. They are most commonly eaten in the time of Carnival. In Poland, traditionally, some people make them on ‘Fat Thursday’ – the last Thursday before  Lent, and invite their friends and families to celebrate the last days of Carnival, when many try to eat as many sweets as they can. ‘Faworki’ store very well, and the longer they are kept, the better they become. The only problem is they’re so yummy so you can’t keep them for too long...

Prep time: 40 min, moderate
Cook time: 40 min
Serves: a large pile of faworki


350g flour
1 tablespoon softened butter
3 egg yolks
1 whole egg
7 tablespoons sour cream (ask at a Polish Shop)
1 tablespoon of rectified spirit, clear vodka or white wine vinegar
Icing sugar (powder sugar)

1.     Mix all the ingredients together on a board into a pastry. The reason for using alcohol or vinegar is to prevent the dough from soaking up excessive fat from deep frying in oil.
2.     Cut off a piece of the dough and roll it so it is thin. It needs to be very thin so faworki get fluffy while frying.

3.     Cut the rolled piece into small rectangles, and make a short slot along their middles, as shown on the photo:

4.     Fold one end of the rectangle through the hole so it gets a ribbon-like shape. Pull the edges so the ribbon is thin.

*Watch the video below to see how to fold a nice ribbon:


5.     Deep-fry the ribbons in oil until they are golden, turning occasionally.

6.     Take them out of the pan, drain on kitchen paper and put on a serving plate. Sprinkle icing sugar over them while still warm.

7.     Now cut off another piece of your dough, roll it, form ribbons, fry, and put them on the previous batch of faworki on your serving plate; coat with icing sugar. Keep adding layers of ‘faworki’ to form a big pile of them. Use another plate if the pile gets too big.
8.     These are lovely to be served with afternoon tea. You can also store them for a long time, even several months, they always will be yummy and crispy.


  1. I made lots of these for a friend's party - everyone loved them! Thanks for recipe!

  2. Happy to hear that your friends liked it:) Hope the party was good!