Kotlet schabowy is the most popular meat in Poland. It is a common meal to serve for Polish Sunday lunch, or for a quick and routine week dinners, loved by men and children. 

Chlopski Garnek (Village Style One-pot)
Four most common, cheap Polish ingredients: sausages, potatoes, cabbage and onion, staring in one pot, will give a great dinner performance, especially beloved by busy housewives and hungry men.

Polish BBQ dishes are colourful, they involve lots of meat and vegetables. My favourite BBQ are turkey kebabs: a skewer with turkey pieces, red pepper, onion and coquettes. Put next to each other on a skewer, the meat and veggies soak with each other flavour. 

Polish gyros is probably one of the examples of Polish-Turkish sandwiches. It’s also a popular take-away in Poland, or a nice, homemade BBQ dish.


Potato pastries are typical for Polish cuisine. Especially when it comes to utilizing potato leftovers. Even though Pyzy might seem complicated and time consuming at the first sight, in fact they are very easy to prepare. And they’re so yummy, a truly Polish cuisine flavor!