Fale Dunaju (Danube Waves)

‘Fale Dunaju’ is poetry, a symphony of taste and beauty: for your eyes and mouth… Inspired by the most poetic river, chocolate and white pastries of the cake shape regular waves inside the cake, whereas cherries on the top remind little boats on the river, floating on white and dark chocolate icing. Sweet and chocolate, but with a hint of sour cherries and lemon pudding, is a mouth-watering pudding for any occasion.

Prep time: 30 minutes, moderate
Bake time: 45 minutes
Serves: 20


350g flour
250g butter
250g sugar
6 eggs
Jar of seedless cherries (or frozen cherries)
1 tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoons black cocoa
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon coconut shavings

250g butter
100g sugar
1,5 cup of milk
2 tablespoons potato flower
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
1 teaspoon lemon peels
Juice from 1 squeezed lemon

100g white chocolate
100g dark chocolate
1 butter
200g fresh cherries


1.     Cream butter with an electric mixer in a large mixing bowl. Add sugar and eggs, keep creaming.
2.     Sift flour into the bowl and add baking powder. Mix them all together.
3.     Split the pastry into two. Add cocoa to one of the half and mix it into dough.
4.     A baking tin, about 24 cm long, coat with butter and coconut shavings. (I usually use coconut shaving to coat a baking tin with, they bake well and taste nicely).
5.     Put white dough into the baking dish. Put the black on the top of it.
6.     Put seedless cherries in regular distances (about 2cm from each other) on the top of the dark pastry. Press them lightly so they sink in. Cherries will be sinking deeper and deeper while baking, creating the wave-like shapes inside the cake.

7.     Bake it for about 45 min in pre-heated oven.
8.     In meantime, you can start making the cream. In a cup, mix potato flower, sugar and vanilla sugar, mix the powder some milk. (about 5 tablespoons of milk).
9.     Boil the rest of milk, and add the melted in cold milk powder. Mix in a pot (don’t let it to boil), the mixture will be becoming dense. When it has a cream-like consistency, leave it to cool down.
10. In a mixing bowl, cream butter with lemon peel and lemon juice. Add the pudding mixture spoon by spoon, and mix them all together.
11. Spread the cream over baked and cooled down cake. Put them into the fridge so the cream starts becoming solid.
12. Prepare icing: melt dark and white chocolates (separately) in a chocolate baths (crashed chocolates put into bowls, and the bowl into saucepans with boiling water).
13. Pour dark chocolate over cooled down cake. Wait when the chocolate starts becoming solid, then pour white chocolate over it, creating wave-like patterns with a spoon. Leave to cool down.
14. When the icing is resting, decorate with cherries, placing them in regular spaces.

15. Cut into pieces to serve and enjoy:)

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