Rafaello, a cream and coconut sweet, is definitely the biggest treat for me:) And there is no more fun than making your favourite sweets by yourself! So, I’m giving you my secret Rafaello recipe, I’m sure it will become an enjoyable sweetie by many…

Babeczki z Budyniem i Jagodkami (Cupcakes with Milk Pudding and Berries)
Pretty and summery, the cupcakes with berries are a delicious and light pudding.  Milk pudding is not only a popular cupcake filling in Poland, but also can be a delicious pudding on its own. 

This recipe is for the most basic, but yummy cake. It might seem that a yeast cake needs long time to be made, but in fact, it’s not hard, and most of time it needs for resting and growing. Simple but nice! The best is served still warm, with butter, jam or glass of milk.

‘Faworki’ /favorki/ are sweet crisp pastry made out of shaped into twisted ribbon dough, deep-fried and sprinkled with icing sugar. They are most commonly eaten in the time of Carnival.

The cake is light and sweet, and you can decorate it however you’d like, to pay a special tribute to strawberries. The cake is perfect for garden parties, casual teas with neighbours, or posh evening dinners. Delicious!

Babeczki Kajmakowe (Kaymak Cupcakes)
A sweet treat for a picnic, surprise you beloved ones with heart-shaped kaymak cupcakes. Kaymak, originally from Middle East, is a sweet dairy product, similar to clotted cream. A walnut, covered under a dark chocolate coat, will add the cupcake a special character…

Inspired by the most poetic river, chocolate and white pastries of the cake shape regular waves inside the cake, whereas cherries on the top remind little boats on the river, floating on white and dark chocolate icing. Sweet and chocolate, but with a hint of sour cherries and lemon pudding.