Babeczki z Budyniem i Jagodkami (Cupcakes with Milk Pudding and Berries)

Pretty and summery, the cupcakes with berries are a delicious and light pudding. Polish cupcakes are usually made of short crust pastry. They could be filled in with anything, from sweet to savory stuffing. Milk pudding is not only a popular cake filling in Poland, but also can be a nice pudding on its own. And berries are yummy, healthy and decorative. I took my cupcakes for a picnic on a beach in Bournemouth, everyone loved them!

Prep Time: 70 min
Cook Time: 20 min
Serves: 12


250 g flour
150 g butter
100 g icing sugar
1 egg
Pinch of salt
Optional: pinch of vanilla

Milk pudding
2 eggs
150 g sugar
3 tablespoons of potato flour
1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar
½ liter milk
1 tablespoon of butter
2-3 tablespoons of favourite jam
Raspberries, blackberries or other fruit for decoration


1.     Cream butter with a wooden spoon in a mixing bowl.
2.     Add, step-by-step, sugar, salt, eggs and flour, creaming the ingredients constantly.
3.     Mold a ball of the mixed pastry and put for about an hour into the fridge.
4.     Cupcakes forms coat with butter and breadcrumbs.
5.     Roll the pastry so it’s 0,5 inch thick, and put it into the forms.
6.     Bake cupcakes in pre-heat oven for about 20 min. Keep checking on them so they get nicely golden.
7.     Take them out of the forms, still warm, and let them to cool down.

Milk pudding
1.     Cream all the ingredients (apart from milk and butter) in a pot.
2.     Boil milk in a separate pot.
3.     Slowly pour boiled milk into the cream, and keep stirring.
4.     Boil the cream with milk and keep stirring to get cream-like consistency.
5.     Mix in some butter and leave to cool down.

1.     Spread some jam inside the cupcakes.
2.     Fill them with milk pudding.
3.     Decorate with berries. You can also use almonds, nuts or fruit chunks.


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